Silver Peace Dollar (Certified)

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Peace Silver Dollars

The "Peace Dollar" was first issued by the United States Mint in 1921. The coin commemorates the declaration of peace between the United States, Germany and Austria.  The previously designed Morgan Dollar had been unchanged since 1878 and was struck through 1921.  The design of the "Peace Dollar" was announced as a contest that consisted of eight prominent artists/sculptors.  The final design would be selected by the Fine Arts Commission from models submitted by artist/sculptors, and was the work of Anthony de Francisci. 
De Francisci had a light-hearted attitude towards the contest. He bet his friends one dollar each that his creation would not prove acceptable. When he actually did win, he had to use the 50 early strike silver dollars the government gave him to pay off his bets.

De Francisci had recently married and decided to ask his new bride Teresa to pose as the model for Liberty. His Liberty head was to be different from the almost matronly head of the Morgan coin. De Francisci wanted his design to reflect youth and vitality; he wanted a Liberty that was young, alive and strong.

Teresa De Francisci normally wore her hair up but her husband made it more casual by opening a window so a breeze could give it a slightly wind-blown appearance. “You will see that the Liberty is not a photograph of Mrs. De Francisci,” the artist mentioned in an interview with a reporter for the Duluth Minneapolis Tribune the year following the coin's introduction. “It is a composite face and in that way typifies something of America. I did not try to execute an 'American type' or a picture of any woman. I wanted the Liberty to express something of the spirit of the country, the intellectual speed and vigor and virility America has, as well as its youth. I had nothing of the magazine cover idea.”

The Design:

On the obverse is a female head emblematic of Liberty, wearing a tiara of light rays, and the word "Liberty"; on the reverse is an eagle perched on a mountain top, holding in its talons an olive branch, witnessing the dawn of a new day; the word "Peace" appears just below the eagles claws.  The More than 190 million "Peace Dollars" were minted during the years 1921 through 1928, and in 1934 and 1935. All of these dollars contained 90 percent silver and 10 percent copper.  The last coinage of "Peace Dollars" took place in 1935.

35,401 1922 High Relief circulation strikes were minted, all or nearly all of which were subsequently melted. A solitary 1922 High Relief Peace dollar exists today with non-Proof finish, a VF coin. Perhaps it is from the original business strike mintage, or it may be a Proof that made its way into circulation.

Interest in the silver Peace Dollar continues to grow each year. This is partly due to its silver value, but more importantly its numismatic value and its potential upside as an investment opportunity. Not to mention the beauty of the coin, its relative scarcity in high mint state condition and its uniqueness as a coin during the time it was being actively produced by the U.S. Mint. There have been no Silver Dollars minted like the Peace Dollar since 1935. The Peace Dollar is the last of the big Silver Dollars to jingle in our pockets and signify the prosperity and wealth of a nation.

Additional Information

Grade Available in MS63-MS66
Grade Service No
Country United States
Currency Dollar
Denom. 1
Diameter (mm) 38.1
Weight (grams) 26.73 (.85938 troy oz.)
Fineness (%) .900 Silver
Fine Content (grams) 24.06 (.77344 troy oz)
Date Range 1921-1935

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