Safeguarding Your IRA With Gold and Silver

Friday, February 14, 2014 5:18:52 PM America/Chicago

After 2008, many people found themselves in a scary and uncertain situation with regard to their retirement, including IRAs, leading them to look to new ways to diversify their retirement accounts through the addition of precious metals. 

Prior to 1997, the IRS only allowed the addition of American Eagle coins as a precious metal IRA investment, but since then, they’ve expanded the options. 

Essentially, the IRS now allows individuals to diversify their IRA by holding gold, silver, platinum and palladium bullion, but it must be approved by the IRA to be permitted. The IRS determines approval based on minimum purity requirements. This type of IRA is considered self-directed, which means you’re given the flexibility to decide how your account is invested.

The Benefits of Adding Bullion to an IRA

Physical metals have seen tremendous growth in recent decades—in fact, they’re considered the top performing asset class of the past fifty years. The demand of precious metals is always high, regardless of other economic factors, and there’s always a limited supply.

When compared to something like paper forms of money, precious metals can’t just be created whenever the Federal Reserve decides to do so. With the attention being placed on quantitative easing in recent years, many investors have become increasingly concerned about inflation and the devaluation of paper currency, making investing in precious metals even more appealing. 

Additionally, bullion is not part of the traditional banking system. When investing in precious metals via ETFs or mining stocks, there’s always the risk of a crash, similar to what happened in 2008, but this isn’t a risk when physical bullion is added to an IRA.

What Can Be Included in an IRA?

While the list is extensive, take a look at our IRA approved Bullion, a few of the most popular gold coins and bars that can be included in an IRA include the American Eagle Gold Coin, the American Buffalo Coin and the American Eagle Gold Proof Coins. Many of the same coins are also allowed in silver.

Gold vs. Silver

Gold has obviously been an enduring sign of wealth and power throughout the world for thousands of years, which is why many people prefer to go this route when adding metals to their IRA.

With that being said, silver is also a great option, for a number of reasons. Silver prices have been steadily rising for a number of reasons, including the dependence by the emerging markets of China and India. Additionally, silver has a number of industrial applications that are making it more and more in demand, and there are limited mining opportunities for silver.

The Process

It’s considered relatively simple to add bullion to your IRA. As we mentioned, this is called a self-directed IRA, and after purchasing your bullion, you deposit it into an account at an IRS-approved financial institution. This type of rollover is also tax-free. 

At LBCAC we have an extensive selection of IRA-approved bullion options, in both gold and silver. 

For more information about this blog post and to discuss bullion IRA investment options and opportunities, please call Liquid Bullion Coin and Collectibles at 1.888.522.2283. Whether you want to buy, sell or trade, email us directly to enjoy low inventory pricing and free appraisals that yield the most fair and accurate prices on your coins. 

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