Liquid Bullion C.A.C Visits the 2013 ANA World's Fair of Money in Chicago!

Monday, September 9, 2013 5:24:18 PM America/Chicago

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Liquid Bullion Coin and Collectibles. just returned from a successful Chicago ANA World's Fair of Money! The buzz was all there for New-Mismatics and every dealer I spoke with said they were also having a great show.  Wednesday Gold closed up $14 at $1,335/oz, and Silver closed up +$.41 @ $21.87/oz. Both metals continued their rally Thursday with Gold up another  +$28.10 @ $1,364.60/oz, and Silver up +$1.10 @ $22.97/oz! The metals finished up strong Friday in the green again with Gold up +$8.90 @ $1375/oz, and Silver +$.20 @ $23.21/oz. We sold every coin and bullion piece we brought to the show, except for our New Purchases we brought home for our clients :)  LBCAC also attended the Stacks/Bowers Rarities night auction where a few Numismatic highlights are worth an honorable mention...

*1792 Half Disme PCGS MS66 (1st Generation holder) sold for $793,125 

*1793 Wreath Cent PCGS MS69BN (OGH) sold for $481,750

*1889-CC Morgan Silver Dollar PCGS MS68 (Jack Lee) sold for $881,250 

*1865 $10 Liberty "Eagle" PCGS PR66+DCAM CAC (Secure) sold for $528,750 (This coin was an NGC PR67 Ultra Cameo)

*1861 $20 Liberty PCGS MS67 (OGH) sold for $352,500

In addition to these Ultra Rarities, there was just as much excitement on the floor at the show with the U.S. Mints special release of the 2013 "Chicago ANA" 1oz Gold Reverse Proof Buffalo's. These coins were hot! Every coin the Mint brought, sold! They were completely sold out by the end of the business day Friday and dealers were offering hefty premiums for unlimited quantities seconds after you checked out and stepped back onto the bourse floor! 

If you were looking for a good place to eat after all the walking around and display gawking, you found yourself only about 100 yards from the famous Gibson's steakhouse! I personally enjoyed their sampler sliders...1 steak filet, 1 spicy lobster, and 1 tuna salad and a side salad two days in a row :) We also got to check out the new Rosemont City Center area, where we witnessed massive bean bag tossing, ate a good old fashioned chicken pot pie at the Irish pub, and stopped by TK's (Toby Keith's) brand new bar and grill for some live music and dancing. The word on the street was that he was there earlier in the night and played live. We saw Nick Lynch and Keith Anderson and enjoyed the local 312 brew!

After all the fun, it was back to business on the bourse floor and in the Auction room! We, LBCAC,  came home with a couple prizes of our own...


#1.) The 1908-S $10 Indian NGC graded MS69!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1908-S_10_Indian_N-MS69_obv_cu.jpg

That's right MS69, the very finest Regular Issue, With Motto  "In God We Trust" $10 Indian (Eagle) known to exist in the World. With the 5th lowest mintage of the series, the 1908-S $10 Indian graded by NGC MS69, is the single finest known for the date and the entire regular issue series for that matter.

This coin can best be described as a superb specimen with virtually flawless surfaces. The surface displays radiant satiny  mint luster, and amazing rich orange-gold color. There are no hints of copper spotting that is commonly seen for this date eagle and double eagle, nor does it have any detracting surface issues. The luster, strike, and planchet color combined make this THE single finest Indian Eagle "With Motto" in existence.

Obviously, at first glance the coin is visually stunning and mesmerizes even the most advanced collector of this series; however, as you take a deeper look, the coin is in fact hypnotizing. The soft golden luster cartwheels so smoothly across the obverse and reverse fields, as well as the central devices, that it is hard to stop looking at this coin and even harder to decide which side of the coin is more strikingly beautiful. It is a true challenge to find flaw. Every number, letter, star, and feather are struck to near perfection.

The 1908-S has long been considered one of the rarities of the Indian series. Most of the mintage went into circulation as this date and mint are commonly found with wear, while others still exist in high Mint State grades, this example being the highest graded and offering the best of both worlds...Condition census and Rarity. If you are assembling the finest collection of Indian eagles, want the absolute best for your type set, or a true condition rarity, here is the perfect coin with unsurpassed quality, immense eye appeal, and extraordinary luster!

Coin Facts: 

*Date: 1908 

*Mint: San Francisco

*1st year "with Motto" issue "In God We Trust"

*Mintage: 59,850

*Cerification Service: NGC (Numismatic Guaranty Corporation)

*Grade: MS69

*Population:  1/0 Finer. (Only multi-year 20th century Gold coin graded MS69 by NGC) 

*CU: N/A (None Exist)

LBCAC Retail Price: $295,000 

#2.) 1851 $50 LE Humbert Fifty Dollar, Lettered Edge, 887 Thous. 50 Rev. PCGS AU58 CAC. K.4, High R.5.


The United States Assay Office was established by an act of Congress on September 30, 1850, and the firm of Moffat & Company secured the contract for coining operations. The United States Assay office under Moffat & Co. was a precursor to the San Francisco Mint. The New York watch-case maker Augustus Humbert was named Assayer for Gold in California during the Gold rush era of 1849, and Charles Cushing Wright engraved the first dies, which Humbert brought with him when he arrived in California on January 30, 1851. Later dies were engraved locally by Albert Kuner.  

Coinage operations commenced immediately, and fifty dollar ingots were being produced by February 14. The new ingots were of great use and benefit to the local economy because their weight and fineness were accurate, and they were accepted for customs duties. The new issues soon put most of the private mints in the area out of business, as their coins were perceived as being light weight and of low intrinsic value,  proving the Assay office to be a mixed blessing. The Territorial California Gold pieces were produced in large quantities and provided the impression of official "made in California" gold money. On the flip side, there were a number of smaller denomination gold coins that were already circulating by private issuers, and Humbert's discrediting Assays, distributed mainstream by James King of William, ultimately led to a ban on such coins by the California Legislature and disrupted commerce.

The early Humbert $50 issues in the now-famous "Octagonal" format had lettering around their edges: AUGUSTUS/HUMBERT/UNITED/STATES/ASSAYER/OF GOLD,/CALIFORNIA/1851. This example has the denomination both on obverse and reverse, on the latter side as a simple "50" in the middle. Surfaces are deep orange-gold, indicative of the copper inherent in the coin's .887-fine gold alloy. While the coin has its share of corner bumps and rim and margin abrasions, the luster is broad and inviting with tiny prooflike pools within the lettering, making for an all-around extremely pleasing piece. This coin was previously certified by NGC as an MS60 and now resides in a PCGS AU58 holder with a CAC sticker for premium quality. MS60 Suggested Retail price is $245K by Collectors Universe. 

Coin Facts:

*#31 of Top 100 Greatest U.S. Coins (3rd. Edition, Garrett/Guth)

*Date: 1851 

*Mintage: No mintage figures available 

*Denomination: $50 "Ingot"

*Weight: 2.75 Troy oz.

*Fineness: .887 Thousands

*Design: Octagonal/Lettered Edge/50 on Reverse

*Grading Service: PCGS

*Grade: AU58 CAC

*Variety: K-4

*Rarity: High 5

*Population: 2/3 Finer by PCGS

*CU: $195,000

The coin offered here represents the very scarce K-4 variety, High 5 Rarity, with a lettered edge, a fineness of 887 THOUS., and the number 50 in the center of the reverse. The reverse design was "engine turned", similar to the design on many watch cases of the era. There are reports that a possible variety K-4a, resembling K-4 in all other respects, but with no 50 on the reverse. The existence of this variety is unconfirmed. The present coin is one of the Top 5 known to exist with a population of 2 with 3 finer by PCGS, 1-PCGS MS61, and 2-PCGS MS62's. 


AU55+: CU @ $160,000 (AU55+CAC Sold @ $287K-8/11,  Sold @ $230K-8/12)

AU58: CU @ $195,000 (N/A)

MS60: CU @ $245,000  (N/A)

MS61: CU @ $275,000 (Sold @ $241,500-7/05)

LBCAC Retail Price @ $235,000


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