Recent Acquisition: 1801 Capped Bust Right $10 Gold Eagle PCGS VF25

Monday, September 16, 2013 5:11:28 PM America/Chicago

This is an important coin for the type collector as these were the largest and highest denomination coins America issued until 1850 when the Double Eagle was born. This coin has very attractive copper-gold on both sides with clean surfaces and smooth wear. There are very few signs of any scratches because they have nearly worn away from moderated circulation. No rim bumps or adjustment marks, and the devices are all clear and well defined. This coin has a great Retail look and is a great value in today's market!



Coin Facts:

*Date: 1801
*Mintage: 44,344
*Denomination: $10
*Design: Capped Bust Right/Heraldic Eagle
*Grading Service: PCGS
*Grade: VF25
*Variety: Taraska 25, BD-2
*Rarity: 2
*Population: 1of 2 Graded by PCGS VF25 with only 477 coins graded finer in ALL grades.
*CU: $14,000
(CU) -Collector's Universe represents the suggested Retail price for a coin in a particular grade.

 LBCAC Retail Price @ $14,900

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For Pricing Information go to: www.pcgs.com and follow steps 1-5.

 1.) Look under the category "Take the First Step"

 2.) Click "Need Coin Prices"

 3.) Look on right side of screen and scroll down to " Draped Bust $10 (1795-1804)"

 4.) Now click the center tab "Grades 25-60"

 5.) Scroll down to Coin# 8564 for the 1801 and just to the right under the first column you will see $14,000 for the Grade "25".

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